Goat's milk is amazingly similar to mother's milk.

Convenience is good!

Sometimes it just makes sense to get things delivered. Laloo's ® now provides a convenient and secure way to get all of our products delivered wherever and whenever you want them with the click of a mouse and a few strokes on a keyboard.

We have partnered with the leading online source for delivering ice cream direct to the home or office - The Ice Cream Source. They are experts at handling frozen desserts and have years of experience of packing and shipping ice cream for home delivery. Turn around time to process orders is usually within 24 hours.

Click on The Ice Cream Source logo below and it will take you directly to our page on their secure website where you can place an order:

Now you can conveniently and securely send Laloo's ® as a gift or try flavors you haven't been able to find at your local store. Check it out and see how easy it is to get Laloo's ® delivered.

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