…The founders of Laloo's ® want you to know how to talk about food and farming...your words can change the world


The Lexicon of Sustainability

For the past year the founders of Laloo's have conversed with the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming. They have shared their insights and experiences, and contributed their words to our rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustain Ability. To share these ideas and stories from all across America, Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton created a photography project that has since grown to include short films, study guides, traveling shows, a book and a website where people can add their own terms to this ever-evolving lexicon.

People have a greater concern for the environment, a renewed sense of personal responsibility and a deeper commitment to lessen their impact on the world around them than ever before. However, we're not communicating that very well and as a result big ideas often get lost. Concepts of change are misunderstood. Words like Organic, Food Miles, and Non-GMO all have deep implications for our future...

Words are important. Words educate, activate and can shift an entire society. We need a shared language.

Laloo's ® is proud to support the Lexicon of Sustain Ability project and those in food and farming who are defining a better way forward. To learn more, visit the website at www.thelexicon.org.


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